Coach Sells Quality Handbags and Shoes

The Coach C’s signature logo style on Coach shoes and handbags, you may think high fashion, but Coach handbags are famous for their very high quality and durability also.

Coach started over 50 years ago quite small and simple in a Manhattan apartment. It was a family owned and run business. The employed 6 leather artisans that could create high quality leather products for them. Coach quickly caught on in the fashion industry as being an affordable designer label with prices within the reaches of normal housewives and such.

Coach fashion items include handbags, shoes, umbrellas, make-up cases, bracelets, wristlets, Coach charms, silk scarves, watches, sunglasses, key chains, Coach  hats, jackets, Coach bags for men, travel, totes, briefcases, iPod accessories, messenger bags, watches, shoes, belts, ties, key rings and more. Women’s Coach shoes include sneakers, sandals, loafers, flats, mules, pumps, slides, boots, and more.

Coach’s highest priority has always been great quality. Fifty years ago, the founder of Coach found his inspiration for high quality leather products from a baseball glove which was weathered and soften but in great condition. His idea was that your new Coach handbags would eventually become like that old weathered leather glove. As you carry your bag you will break it in as any great baseball player would his favorite glove. Over time your handbag will become yours by breaking it in it will become imprinted with your own style and personal touch. Coach leather handbags purchase and use only the top ten percent of leathers and they are double-stitched at high stress points to last for years.

Coach has a tremendous array of products for women, men and even children. Designed for high fashion at affordable prices Coach is a great choice for those who want high quality with a hip and trendy style.